Muir Cougar & Cheetah Compact Horizontal Windlasses
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Muir Cougar & Cheetah Compact Horizontal Windlasses

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For Boats From 28 to 50 Feet
These are horizontal chain, rope, or combination rope⁄chain windlasses. A built-in ratcheting manual recovery handle, a clean white housing, bushed mounting points, and an optional Rope⁄Chain Management System are a few of the best features of these popular windlasses. The optional RCMS includes a chainpipe featuring a spring-loaded finger and integral stripper⁄peeler to ensure complete engagement of the anchor rode at all times.
• Rope⁄chain combination gypsy for rope & chain combination or chain only
• Independent gypsy and capstan operation
• Dual gypsy configuration is a special order option
• Durable marine grade alloy housing with white gloss finish and snubbing cleat
• Dual direction motor (requires optional solenoid control box and second footswitch for power up⁄down operation)
• Fully enclosed, above deck gearbox with stainless steel driveshaft
• Cone clutch⁄brake
• Gypsies for a variety of rope and chain combinations are usually available, please specify when ordering
• Standard equipment is: gypsy, footswitch, and manual override handle

Product SKU Description Price Order
MFP#: MHR1200012E
Type: Cougar HR 1200
Working Load : 275 lbs.
Boat Length: 28 - 39 ft.
Working Speed: N⁄A
Line Size: 1⁄2", 9⁄16", 5⁄8"
Amps: 100A
Motor: 1000W SW
Gypsy: Various
Weight: 55 lbs.
Volts: 12V
Chain Size: 1⁄4" HT, 5⁄16" & 3⁄8" HT⁄BBB
Price: $4,267.21 
MFP#: MHR2500012E
Type: Cheetah HR 2500
Working Load : 624 lbs.
Boat Length: 40 - 50 ft.
Working Speed: N⁄A
Line Size: 1⁄2", 9⁄16", 5⁄8"
Amps: 120A
Motor: 1200W SW
Gypsy: Various
Weight: 79 lbs.
Volts: 12V
Chain Size: 5⁄16", 3⁄8" HT⁄BBB & 7⁄16" HT
Price: $7,428.83 

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